The 2013 Networking Event on the 25th May 2013 marked an historic moment in the continued development and promotion of third level sport in Ireland with the launch of Student Sport Ireland.

At an Extraordinary General Meeting CUSAI member colleges unanimously ratified the change of company name that facilitated the landmark decision to re-brand the association as Student Sport Ireland. In approving the re-brand members also approved a new logo for the association (above).

The approval by members of the new company name and logo was the culmination of over six months of work by the CUSAI Board and Communications and Marketing Committee. During the process students, sports department staff, and design and print professionals provided invaluable advice and insight as the committee shrived to develop a brand that both students could associate and take ownership of, and reflected the association’s mission to promote and develop third level sport in Ireland.

The final company name and logo were reviewed by approximately 100 students across four colleges, 85% of whom approved the new logo. The consensus among the students was that the Student Sport Ireland name and logo reflected the sense of energy and activity of student sport and should lead to increased awareness of, and input to, the association, and its work, in the coming months and years by students.