SSI Student Activity and Sport Study Ireland (SASSI) 2: Research Project

The Student Activity and Sport Study Ireland (SASSI) 2 is a follow-up study to SASSI 1, which was conducted in 2014. SASSI 2 will identify any changes in the third-level landscape in terms of participation trends and provision to support student participation in sport and physical activity. Changes in the significant benchmarks identified in SASSI 1 will be investigated. SASSI 2 will also inform future policy strategy and practice.

The SASSI 2 study aims to:

  • provide a picture of the Irish 3rd level landscape pertaining to sport and physical activity in relation to financial investment, staffing and facilities
  • provide a picture of the physical activity and sports practices of 3rd level students
  • identify changes in the third level environment and participation trends that have emerged over the last 5 years

Research Population:

The SASSI 2 research population consists of undergraduate and postgraduate students from 20 SSI affiliated third level institutions on the island of Ireland.


The research consists of two elements:

  • An opt out, randomly selected, class-based survey of approximately 14,000 students and
  • Participating individual third level institutions situational analysis (i.e. SAR).

Benefits of the Research for Third Level Institutions

All colleges participating in SASSI 2 will receive:

  • copies of the Summary and Final Reports
  • An Institutional Report which will include the key specific data and commentary on the findings as they relate to their institution
  • An opportunity to have a private briefing on their Institutional Report with members of the research team
  • An invitation to apply for access to additional data on their college which was not included in the Institutional Report.

The research will:

  • Support the implementation of evidence-based practice at institutional and national levels
  • Provide evidence to allow a comparative analysis between colleges over time
  • Support individual third level institutions in making the case for their activities and programmes
  • The research is in keeping with key SSI commitments to work in partnership and in collaboration with other organisations and stakeholders to increase levels of physical activity among young people on the island of Ireland and to engage in research in support of this objective
  • inform SSI and its future strategic planning