SASSI Data Collection Begins!

May 7, 2014  |  News, Research  |  Share

Student Sport Ireland (SSI) is delighted to announce that the data collection phase of the research project, Student Activity and Sports Study Ireland (SASSI) began on May 6th 2014.

This project, initiated in 2012 by SSI and generously supported by SSI member institutions, the Irish Sports Council and Sport Northern Ireland, aims to ascertain current levels of participation and provision in physical activity and sport across third-level institutions (total 43) in Ireland, north and south. A contract to carry out the research was awarded in January 2014 to researchers from the University of Ulster, Dublin City University, University of Limerick and Waterford Institute of Technology.

Phase 1 of the project entitled a Self-Assessment Review, which was distributed to colleges on May 6th, will gather information on the environment and provision for student sport and physical activity in all third-level institutions in Ireland. Subsequent phases will gather data on the behaviour and attitudes of Irish third-level students in/to sport and physical activity through survey and objective measurement. This is the first time that such an ambitious project has been undertaken in Ireland. It is expected that the research will provide insights, data and strategic recommendations that will inform future policy and planning within individual colleges and SSI.

A detailed review document (SAR) has been designed by the researchers following extensive consultation with a wide range of college staff, external advisors and the SSI Research Monitoring Group. The SAR is an online document which will be completed by a designated contact person (Champion) within each of the colleges. The deadline for completion of the SAR is June 6th 2014.

Any queries on this or any other elements of the research can be dealt with by:

Neal Byrne
Research Officer, Student Activity and Sport Study Ireland (SASSI)
Centre for Health Behaviour Research
Department of Health Sport and Exercise Science
Waterford Institute of Technology
Ph: (+353) 051 834 220


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