LIFT Ireland is a social enterprise initiative aimed at increasing the level of positive leadership in Ireland. Leadership is not limited to a select few and everyone can be a leader in their own way.

LIFT Ireland is a nonprofit that wants to help build a nation of positive leaders. We believe that the more people ‘living LIFT’, the better the future we create for our country. Since LIFT’s creation in 2018, over 470 organisations and educational institutions and 60,000 people nationwide have adopted our efficient 5-step 8-week reflective roundtable process because it’s easy to implement, it works, and they get immediate impact for their people and organisations big or small.

Bringing LIFT into your club or community can help create a team of leaders who are positive, ethical and resilient. People who go through the LIFT process have increased integrity, respect, empathy and more.

How LIFT improves the Skills of Young People?

  • Empowerment through Leadership Development: Empower Leadership and Responsibility to become a better leader – every young person learns that they are leaders and can have a positive influence on those around them; online, among friends, playing sports and in school.
  • Development of Transversal Skills: Transversal skills are skills and competences that a young person can use across multiple functions and tasks. Ireland’s National Skills Strategy 2025 has placed transversal skills at the centre of how the education system and beyond should be focusing on developing 21st century skills which are developed through the LIFT programme.
  • Enabling Self-Awareness and Taking Ownership: Young people take steps to strengthen key self-leadership, relationship and decision-making skills. This is done through behaviour change that is based on building strengths and social competencies, rather than focusing on breaking negative behaviours themselves. The social competencies built through LIFT are self-awareness, social-awareness, self-management, relationship skills, and decision making.

How does LIFT work?

  • Once a week 45-minute session – online, hybrid or face to face – all work well
  • Setting specific goals
  • Repetition is key to becoming better – just like sports training
  • Most importantly, a chance to speak and listen with ‘no judgement’ in a group

Benefits of LIFT

  • Professional and personal leadership improvement
  • Improved ability for colleagues to relate to others
  • Creates a positive and inclusive culture
  • Improved capacity for individuals to achieve personal potential
  • Better understanding of how we can all support change in our organisations
  • Stronger more confident leaders
  • Improved accountability
  • Embeds values through small consistent steps
  • Look to solutions rather than problems
  • Immediate impact