Sports College of the Year points – Women’s Volleyball


Distribution of points for SSI Sports College of the year for Women’s Volleyball.

Women’s Volleyball League College Points
Winner Trinity College Dublin 50
Runner-Up NUI Galway 35
Semi-Finalist University College Cork 24
Semi-Finalist Maynooth University 24
Quarter-Finalist TU Dublin City Campus 15
Quarter-Finalist Royal College of Surgeons 15
Quarter-Finalist IT Carlow 15
Quarter-Finalist Dublin City University 15
Participation Athlone IT 10
Participation Cork IT 10
Participation Dublin Business School 10
Participation Dublin City University 10
Participation Dundalk IT 10
Participation Galway Mayo IT 10
Participation Griffith College Dublin 10
Participation IT Carlow 10
Participation Maynooth University 10
Participation NUI Galway 10
Participation Royal College of Surgeons 10
Participation Trinity College Dublin 10
Participation TU Dublin City 10
Participation TU Dublin Tallaght 10
Participation University College Cork 10
Participation University College Dublin 10

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Trinity College Dublin Student Sport Ireland Volleyball League Champions 2019-20
Women’s Volleyball Cup College Points
Tier 1 Winner   50
Tier 1 Runner-Up   35
Tier 1 Semi-Finalist Maynooth University 24
Tier 1 Semi-Finalist IT Carlow 24
Tier 1 Quarter-Finalist Trinity College Dublin 15
Tier 1 Quarter-Finalist TU Dublin City Campus 15
Tier 2 Cup Winner Athlone IT 30
Tier 2 Cup Runner Up Dundalk IT 20
Tier 2 Cup Semi-Final TU Dublin Tallaght Campus 15
Tier 2 Cup Quarter-Finalist Galway Mayo IT 12
Tier 2 Cup Quarter-Finalist Griffith College Dublin 12


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