Appeals Procedure

Student Sport Ireland Appeals Procedure

Student Sport Ireland has an Appeals Procedure in respect of its operations. The following are the main details;

What does our Appeals Procedure cover?

This appeals procedure applies to members, student athletes, coaches, managers, and employees[1], wishing to appeal the decisions of committees under the remit of Student Sport Ireland. Other related appeals outside of the remit of Student Sport Ireland will be dealt with by the relevant organisation such as FISU, EUSA, or alternatively can be progressed independently.

How do I appeal?

You can appeal by making a submission in writing to the Student Sport Ireland office through your University or College in the case of Students and members, and for coaches and managers through the relevant sporting body.

Principles of the appeals procedure

  • We will treat your appeal properly, fairly and impartially;
  • We promise that lodging an appeal will have no implications for your dealings with the Student Sport Ireland;
  • The Appeals Process will involve a reconsideration of the issue under appeal by a committee of persons not involved in the original decision making process;
  • Appeals will be considered and a decision made and notified to you within four weeks of receipt of your appeal. Where it is not possible to meet this target, we will inform you and continue to do so until the matter is resolved and
  • You will have the opportunity to present your case, in person, accompanied by individual (s) of choice (to be named in advance) before the appeals panel if requested.


  • The written submission should clearly outline the basis for the appeal including why they believe that the decision is incorrect;
  • The written submission should also include supporting documentation if applicable;
  • Student Sport Ireland will process the appeal and will confirm the receipt of the appeal submission with the relevant University/College as soon as possible but within 5 working days;
  • The Appeal will then be presented to the relevant appeals committee if required;
  • The Appeal Committee will review the appeal and make a recommendation. The recommendation will be notified to the applicant and
  • The decision of the Appeal Committee will be final and will be communicated to the Board of Student Sport Ireland and the applicant.

The Appeal Committee shall consist of two Student Sport Ireland members, one of whom will chair the appeal and one external (non member) of Student Sport Ireland.

Employees should refer to Grievance Procedures and Disciplinary Procedures for further information