World University Games Football Team Draw

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Taipei Universiade 2017

Both the men’s and women’s football teams learnt their fate as the draw for this year’s World University Games took place today, 11 May, in Taipei City.

The men were drawn in a group against host nation, Taipei, who they faced in the previous Games in 2015 emerging victorious as the game went to penalties and ending 4-3. The other teams in the group include France and Mexico, France will also be a familiar nation as Ireland lost in penalties to them in the 2015 Games. The group will prove to be tricky for all.

The women who were drawn in a group of three face a tough challenge as they meet both Canada and Mexico in the group stage. The women have not come up against these opponents since 2013 were they drew both teams in their group, beating Canada 1-0 and losing 4-2 against Mexico. As there are 13 teams in the women’s competition this year there are 4 pools with one containing four teams, while the remaining three pools consist of three teams a piece.

Pool A Pool B Pool C Pool D
Taipei Japan Italy South Korea
Ireland Uruguay Brazil South Africa
France Canada Russia Ukraine
Mexico Malaysia USA Argentina


Pool A Pool B Pool C Pool D
Taipei Canada Japan Russia
South Korea Mexico Brazil Great Britain
USA Ireland Columbia South Africa

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