As the recognised representative body for third level sport on the island SSI has a wide remit in relation to the delivery, coordination, and oversight of third level competitions in Ireland. In addition, as EUSA’s (European University Sports Association) and FISU’s (International University Sports Federation) national university sports federation (NUSF) in Ireland SSI is the sole sanctioning body for the accreditation of student athletes at EUSA and FISU competitions.

SSI Competitions: SSI annually coordinate over 20 competitions in seven sports with over 140 registered teams and 1,800 registered participants.

HEI Competitions: Working closely with National Governing Bodies of Sport (NGBs) and or the recognised organising committee SSI supports the coordination and delivery of third level competitions in over 20 sports.

EUSA Competitions: SSI facilitates the registration by affiliated colleges and universities of their student athletes at EUSA Championships and EUSA Games. If you are a student athlete interested in competing at the next EUSA Games to be held in Hungary in July 2024 please firstly contact your college Sports Department.

FISU Competitions: SSI coordinates the participation of Irish student athletes at the FISU Championships, the FISU Games and the FISU Winter Games. To be eligible and considered to compete at a FISU competition students must meet the FISU Eligibility Criteria; at a minimum meet the selection criteria agreed between the NGB and SSI; be nominated by the NGB to SSI to compete at the relevant competition; and hold an Irish passport, or in the case of students from Northern Ireland an Irish or British passport. While general queries can be submitted to SSI performance students hoping to compete at a FISU WUC are encouraged to first contact their sport’s NGB Performance Director.