Board & Committees

Please follow the links below to view membership and functions of the Student Sport Ireland Board and its Committees.

The Board is elected at the organisation’s annual general meeting held every February. The Board in turn delegates powers to the following committees, steering and working groups to implement its strategic plan.


   Key Functions
Student Sport Ireland Board                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             The Student Sport Ireland Board oversees the strategic development of the organisation and the implementation of its strategic plan by the Committees listed below and its staff.
Finance and Governance Committee
  • Review all company operations including an audit of company finances, policies and procedures
  • Ensure the organisation is compliant with the the Governance Code for Voluntary and Charitable Organisations
  • Develop a risk management template and implement recommendations of above review
  • Develop and oversee implementation of business plan including finance, sponsorship & fundraising plans
  • Compile Board and staff handbooks.
High Performance Committee
  • Oversee Irish student participation at FISU Competitions
  • Research current high performance national and international pathways for students
  • Investigate the potential of educational pathways for high performance students
Physical Activity, Health and Well-Being Committee
  • Responsible for delivering initiatives to increase student, and staff physical activity levels
  • Develop and oversee the implementation of programmes to promote the benefits of physical activity and sport to students
  • Facilitate, advertise and deliver joint physical activity interventions with students and staff
  • Create a toolkit for good practice to be implemented by members
Research Committee
  • is responsible for the development of the organisation’s research programme and oversight of its implementation
  • is charged with the delivery of the research related strategic objectives set out in the strategic plan
  • is tasked with fostering the development and promotion of a research and evaluation culture within the organisation
Sports, Clubs and Competitions Committee
  • Coordinate and develop the Student Sport Ireland Competitions
  • Oversee the development of best practice for Intervarsity Competitions
  • Build and develop relationships with relevant sporting NGB’s

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