Vacancy Trinity Sport - Sport & Physical Activity Inclusion Officer

Vacancy Trinity Sport – Sport & Physical Activity Inclusion Officer

September 11, 2020  |  News  |  Share

Trinity Sport are committed to a ‘Sport for All’ ethos and this role will focus on inclusion and ensuring that we provide a range of supports, access and sporting opportunities for students all students irrespective of race, background, status, gender or otherwise. This role will work to promote and encourage an inclusive community and to increase and sustain participation of students who have experiences of exclusion and isolation from sport and physical activity.

This role will involve strengthening service liaisons within the University in particular those which are delivering services to improve health and welfare of the students and promote equality and inclusion such as the Disability Service, Counselling and Health services, the Trinity Centre for People with Intellectual Disabilities (CPID), and the newly established Equality, Diversity and Inclusion unit. Trinity Sport will provide and support the delivery of a suite of inclusion programmes, activities and projects such as ‘Mind Body Boost’ targeted at students who have low levels of participation in health enhancing physical activity and/or are marginalized, isolated or excluded from activities, with the aim of improving their health, their student experience and enhancing their academic capabilities.

Trinity Sport (DUCAC and the Department of Sport) will resource and enable the Sport & Physical Activity Inclusion Officer to address the barriers to participation that students face and ensure all sports facilities and clubs are inclusive and accessible to those wanting to participate. This specialist role provides a dedicated programme that actively encourages and recruit’s student leaders within the clubs and provide them with tools and support to activate an inclusive environment for all club and student sport activities.

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