Strategic Plan 2012 -2016.

 Strategic Plan 2012 – 2016

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Executive Summary

The Colleges and Universities Sports Association of Ireland (CUSAI) was formed in 2005 following the merger of the Council of University Sports Administrators in Ireland and the Irish Student Sports Association. In May 2013 the organisation was rebranded to Student Sport Ireland 

With a strong foundation in place, and supported by energetic and committed members, the organisation aspires to contribute to the development of sport in Ireland in its broader context. Having developed opportunities for students to participate and complete in both domestic and international competitions the organisation will over the next five years widen its work programme to support the Irish Sports Council and Sport Northern Ireland achieve their key strategic objectives of increasing participation in physical activity and decreasing sedentarism.

This aspiration is the cornerstone of this new strategic plan and is reflected in the document’s sub-title of working in partnership to increase participation in sport and physical activity in third level communities. The document will be supported by annual implementation plans whose drafting will be guided by our member institutions’ capacity to deliver innovative, low cost, high quality programmes and initiatives.

In submitting this plan the Strategic Plan working group believes that it has developed a framework document which will guide the association in its work over the next five years. By setting out clear objectives the working group believes that it has initiated a process that will by 2016 result in

  • a greater number of third level students actively participating in sport and physical activity on a regular basis;
  • a greater number of students participating competitively both domestically and internationally;
  • clearly defined developmental pathways for our elite athletes;
  • greater engagement between member institutions and local communities;
  • increased support and training to volunteers and the implementation of leadership programmes for students and local community representatives;
  • the development of a strategy to better communicate the Association’s work to a wider audience;
  • the development of research programmes to better inform the Association’s initiatives and gauge the effectiveness and success or otherwise of our work and
  • the continued development and implementation of policies, procedures and systems to facilitate the efficient and effective management of the Association.

With the ongoing deteriorating economic and social environment climate and with finite resources available, in terms of funding and personnel, the Association is all too well aware that the objectives and accompanying actions outlined in this document are both ambitious and challenging. However in adopting this new strategic plan the members have affirmed their commitment, by working in partnership with one another, with local and national organisations, by pooling of resources, by being innovative, and ambitious, that they are up to the challenge.