Eligibility Criteria (International)


Student Sport Ireland Eligibility Criteria for International Competitions.

1.     A student must be fully registered and hold a student card for the institution with which they are internally registered.

2.    Students must be a national of the country they represent.

3.     Students must be at least 17 years and less than 28 years of age on  January 1st in the year of the event.

4.     Students must be pursuing a course of study that is equivalent to 60 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) credits per annum in Ireland and that leads to an award ranked at a minimum of Level 6 on the NQAI Framework (National Qualification Authority of Ireland), or 120 UK Academic credits per annum in Northern Ireland.

5.     The academic year shall be defined as October to September. Students in any institution with an academic calendar not running concurrently with this will be eligible for the academic year during which they enter and any subsequent academic years depending on the E.C.T.S. value of their course.

6.    Students will be eligible for competition under the year of grace rule if they have obtained their academic qualification in the year (calendar year) preceding the event.

The Student Sport Ireland High Performance Committee makes an appropriate recommendation based on satisfying the above eligibility criteria for ratification of students for international competitions. The decision is communicated to the student and their institution. An appeal of the decision is submitted as per the SSI appeals procedure (Student Sport Ireland Appeals Procedure) and is dealt with by the Eligibility Working Group.