More Talk More Action – USI Mental Health Strategy 2014-2017

July 28, 2014  |  News  |  Share

The Union of Students in Ireland recently launched its Mental Health Strategy 2014 – 2017.  The strategy sets out clear aims and objectives that USI must reach and sets Students’ Unions targets on how they can implement the strategy throughout their own institutions.

In launching the new strategy Denise McCarthy, USI Deputy President/ Vice-President for Welfare 2013/2014, outlined that the

  • Strategy aims to provide a framework for good practice for the support of students, the promotion of mental well-being and prevention of mental health difficulties, to be implemented by both the USI Vice President for Welfare and local Students’ Unions
  • USI Vice President for Welfare must follow the USI Mental Health Strategy and assist local officers in following through with its recommendations by disseminating the strategy at the start of the year as well as providing support and training throughout the year.

USI acknowledge the opportunity and potential they have to, as a body of former students with lived experience, positively influence attitudes towards mental health and help to change the stigma that often prevents people from seeking help and support during their times of mental health difficulties. USI aims to implement this strategy by setting themselves objectives in the following key areas; Collaborations and Partnerships, Training and Support, Stigma Reduction, Suicide Prevention, Funding and Services and Health Body, Healthy Mind.

Kathy Hynes, Chair of SSI’s Health, Well-Being and Physical Activity Committee comments “A key strategic objective of the Health Well-being and Physical Activity committee came to fruition in June 2014 with the Union of Students in Ireland acknowledging in their “ More talk, More Action” Mental Health strategy 2014 -2017.  The strategy provides a framework for good practice for the support of students in the promotion of mental health drug buy diazepam for well-being and prevention of mental health difficulties . With Physical Activity now known to be a key factor in alleviating stress and some mental health difficulties it is a timely partnership.

The committee are delighted at this strategic development and look forward to working closely with the Welfare Executive from USI who now holds a representative seat on the Student Sport Ireland committee.


The complete More Talk More Action strategy can be read by following this here  or by following this link 

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